O'Neill Institute  |  April 22, 2022

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THE MULTI DISTRICT OPIOID LITIGATION brought on behalf of state, local, and Tribal governments against the opioid industry (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers will soon result in the distribution of millions of dollars to jurisdictions. Recently, a fnal agreement was reached in the multidistrict litigation, with $26 billion going to affected governments over the next 18 years. Tribal governments may see upwards of $665 million.

The Model Opioid Litigation Proceeds Act (the “Act” is model state legislation developed to maximize the impact of opioid litigation proceeds. This model law lays the groundwork for accountability and effectiveness of opioid litigation expenditures in two ways: first, by creating a separate, designate fund for opioid litigation-related proceeds; and, second, by appointing a diverse oversight council representing individuals with varied backgrounds and expertise to oversee expenditures.

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