Journal of the American Medical Association  |  October 2, 2023

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Breathing should not make people sick. The air inside buildings (where people spend 90% of their lives) is often unfiltered, improperly ventilated, and unhealthy. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) poses heightened risks of airborne infections and preventable exposures to harmful pollutants. US residents have little control over unhealthy built environments such as in workplaces, schools, shops, theaters, and restaurants. Absent their use of a personal air quality monitoring device, most people do not even realize the health risks. The Model State Indoor Air Quality Act (MSIAQA) developed in collaboration with national advisors adopts science-based regulatory standards, such as testing, enhanced air filtration, system maintenance, and ventilation, to advance the public’s health and increase occupant productivity—ensuring that public indoor environments provide healthy air to breathe.

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