Georgetown University Law Center

Week Three of O’Neill Colloquium.

Moderator: Professor Timothy WestmorelandGeorgetown University Law Center

Participants include:

  • Professor David Hyman, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Professor Gregg BlocheGeorgetown University Law Center
  • Chris Jennings, Jennings Policy Strategies, Inc.

The high cost of health care continues to be one of the most pressing issues in the United States, even after the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, U.S. health policy is deeply affected by the political and ideological differences from both sides of the aisle. Despite ACA’s commitment to ensure all Americans’ access to affordable and good quality health insurance, health coverage is fragmented across the U.S.

Rich with experiences working on health care regulation and financing, health policy and reform under the U.S. government, panelists will discuss how health care is regulated and financed in the U.S., and share their views on the policy reforms they suggest bringing to the system so that health insurance financing is improved and healthcare is ensured for all.

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US Health Care Policy