View Keegan’s poster presentation about his project here.

Keegan Wicks Headshot in circle shape

Title: National Advocacy and Outreach Manager
Organization: Faces & Voices of Recovery
City: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Project: Building a Recovery-Ready Nation

Keegan Wicks’ journey from a young person in recovery to a national leader in addiction recovery advocacy exemplifies the power of lived experience fused with a commitment to learn and lead. Initiating his recovery in 2009 at 17 years old, Keegan’s story is marked not by a traditional academic path but by a tapestry of experiential learning, mentorship, and self-driven education — all of which have equipped him with a deep understanding of the recovery process for substance use disorder.

As the national advocacy and outreach manager at Faces & Voices of Recovery, a national recovery advocacy organization, Keegan leverages his personal narrative, the experiences of others in the recovery community, and the latest research on addiction and recovery to influence public policy and strengthen recovery systems at all levels. His hands-on expertise, acquired through direct service and extensive training, complements his ability to navigate and shape recovery infrastructures.

Keegan’s 18-month tenure with the Addiction Policy Scholars Program has been marked by developing a framework for a “Recovery Ready Nation,” organizing a briefing to members of Congress, and spearheading a Capitol Hill Advocacy Day during National Recovery Month.

At the heart of Wicks’ project is his vision of a Recovery-Ready Nation — a concept that signifies a society equipped with the policies, resources, and supportive infrastructures necessary to facilitate and maintain the recovery process for people affected by addiction, from housing access and employment pathways to voting rights and peer support. The project formed the basis for Keegan’s development of a set of federal advocacy and policy priorities spearheaded by Faces & Voices. The concept of a “Recovery-Ready Nation” aims to create an environment where recovery is understood, supported, and accessible to all.

Keegan’s 18-month tenure with the Addiction Public Policy Scholars Program has been marked by significant achievements, including elevating Faces & Voices of Recovery as a central voice in recovery policy on Capitol Hill.

Notably, Keegan organized a Recovery Month luncheon and the first in-person Hill Day hosted by Faces & Voices since the pandemic. His efforts resulted in substantial congressional engagements, underpinning the influence of authentic recovery stories in policy reform. His advocacy was instrumental in the passage of the MAT Act and in securing funding for several recovery grants. Keegan’s leadership extended to facilitating a congressional briefing for the reauthorization of the SUPPORT Act and developing Faces & Voices’ policy strategy. 

His introduction of a Recovery-Ready Nation’s critical principles to confront the substance use disorder crisis has been pivotal in his quest to create an environment where recovery is not only possible but integrated into the national fabric.