This policy project engages diverse stakeholders and policymakers and conducts research and analysis to better understand community issues and offer policy solutions as new products become available to prevent and treat HIV. These products may take different forms, ranging from injections to implants to oral medications, and would not require daily dosing.

Our Work

The Longer-Acting HIV Treatment and Prevention Policy Project aims to ensure timely introduction and uptake of long-acting HIV products that do not require daily pill taking. Much like long-acting contraception was a significant advance, long-acting HIV products have the potential to transform the HIV treatment and prevention landscape by giving more options to people who do not want to or cannot take oral medication on a daily basis. Injectable, implantable, oral, and other long-acting products are promising new technologies that could facilitate better adherence to therapy and lead to improved outcomes and reduced population disparities.

The policy project is needed now to respond to the latest research on the efficacy of various long-acting products and to integrate emerging research on long-acting HIV treatment and prevention into plans to end the HIV epidemic.

The project is supported by funding from Gilead Sciences, Merck, and ViiV Healthcare.

Our Team

Jeff Crowley Headshot

Jeffrey S. Crowley Director

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Kirk Grisham Program Manager