O'Neill Institute  |  October 14, 2020

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This report, written in Spanish, examines how front-of-package warning labeling on unhealthy food products is an effective public health policy. In addition, it analyzes how this measure is effective to comply with human rights obligations and compatible with other international legal frameworks.

The report presents information that supports the suitability of the front-of-package warning labeling system as a measure to comply with regional and international human rights obligations, as well as its compatibility with regional and international trade agreements.

In light of the available scientific evidence and legal standards, free from conflicts of interest, it is clear that the adoption of a front-of-package warning labeling system is effective to tackle diet-related noncommunicable diseases and to comply with international human rights obligations. Furthermore, there are no arguments to support the alleged tension between a front-of-package warning labeling policy and trade agreements.

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