Diagnosis is a fundamental component of health care and surveillance, and a major driver of economic and health outcomes across health systems. Yet the importance of timely access to diagnostics remains underrecognized, causing diagnostics to be critically underfunded and the weakest link in the continuum of care. The Diagnostics Equity Consortium (DEC) strives to ensure sustained political and programmatic commitment to affordable, suitable, effective, and accessible diagnostics.

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The Diagnostics Equity Consortium — a partnership between the Center for Global Health Policy & Politics and the Pan-African Treatment Access Movement (PATAM) — generates analyses analyses and engages government, civil society, global health actors, and industry in support of holistic diagnostics advocacy agenda. The consortium provides support for vigorous advocacy at the national level, while also facilitating and elevating the voice of affected communities and civil society on the global level with health actors, industry, and donors.

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Our Team

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Sharonann Lynch Co-Director

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