The HIV Policy Lab is a unique online dataset, data visualization platform, and reference library that systematically gathers and monitors HIV-related laws and policies in 194 countries, holding governments accountable for adopting the evidence-based policies needed to end AIDS. It is an open, growing global public resource that gathers data from legal documents, government reporting, and independent research developed in collaboration with the UN, civil society, and academic partners.

Our Work

The HIV Policy Lab seeks to document and improve the policy environment by partnering with governments, public health officials, financing agencies, and civil society groups to support advocacy and accountability across countries for science-based policy change. The Policy Lab also provides researchers with cross-national data on policies so we can learn more about the impacts and drivers of policy choices. HIV-related laws and policies can have life and death consequences. We need to measure, evaluate, and change them to meet the evolving science on the path towards ending the global AIDS pandemic.