The Recovery Policy Collaborative includes current and former government officials, innovators in the treatment and harm reduction fields, lawyers, doctors, researchers, clinicians, professors, policymakers, tech entrepreneurs, funders, and advocates from across the United States.

Eric Bailly Headshot

Eric Bailly Business Solutions Director, Anthem, Inc.

Erin Booker Headshot

Erin Booker Vice President, Behavioral Health and Social Care Integration, ChristianaCare

Ariel (Air) Britt Headshot

Ariel (Air) Britt Associate Director of Outreach, Office of National Drug Control Policy

Sarah Brothers Headshot

Sarah Brothers Doctoral Candidate, Yale University

Jan Brown Headshot

Jan Brown Founder and Executive Director, SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul


Deirdre (Dee) Calvert Director of Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Stephanie Campbell Headshot

Stephanie Campbell Program Director, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Use Service

Tom Coderre Headshot

Tom Coderre Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Kateri Coyhis Headshot

Kateri Coyhis Executive Director, White Bison, Inc.

Caroline Davidson Headshot

Caroline Davidson Assistant Director of State Engagement, Shatterproof

Matt Fallico Headshot

Matt Fallico Health Program Coordinator, Office of Drug User Health, New York State Department of Health

Aaron Ferguson Headshot

Aaron Ferguson Regional Impact Manager, Community Medical Services

Jose Flores Headshot

Jose Flores TTOR Recovery Support Services Lead, Program Specialist VII, Texas Health and Human Services

Tracie Gardner Headshot

Tracie Gardner Vice President of Policy Advocacy, Legal Action Center

Brandon George Headshot

Brandon George Director, Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition

Tom Hill Headshot

Tom Hill Senior Policy Advisor, White House Office of National Drug and Control Policy

Mariel S. Hufnagel Headshot

Mariel Hufnagel Founder and Principal, Hufnagel Holistic Solutions

John Hulick Headshot

John Hulick Senior Program Manager, Palm Beach County

Andre Johnson Headshot

Andre Johnson President, Detroit Recovery Project

Christopher Jones Headshot

Christopher Jones Deputy Director, CDC Injury Center

Donald McDonald Headshot

Donald McDonald Chief Recovery Officer, All Sober

Keith Murphy Headshot

Keith Murphy Senior Substance Abuse Counselor, Rutgers University

Kim Nelson Headshot

Kim Nelson Regional Administrator and Acting Director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Patrick Reilly Headshot

Patrick Reilly Clinic Manager, Community Medical Services in South Milwaukee

Danielle Tarino Headshot

Danielle Tarino Founder and Vice President, Code X

Shelly Weizman Headshot

Shelly Weizman Acting Program Director, O’Neill Institute

Michael White Headshot

Michael White Director of Community Programs, Community Medical Services

Greg Williams Headshot

Greg Williams Managing Director, Third Horizon Strategies