Please join the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Whitman-Walker Institute, and HIPS for the launch of a new report, Improving Laws and Policies to Protect Sex Workers and Promote Health and Wellbeing: A Report on Criminalization of Sex Work in the District of Columbia.

Based on focus groups with sex workers and interviews with DC government officials, legal experts, sex worker advocates, and victims’ services providers, the report shows the urgent need to change DC’s prostitution and solicitation laws. These data document the harmful effects of DC’s prostitution laws and policing practices on the safety and health of sex workers and the community at large.


With Special Remarks By: 

  • Laura E. Durso, Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer, Whitman-Walker Institute
  • Jeffrey Crowley, Distinguished Scholar and Program Director of Infectious Disease Initiatives, O’Neill Institute


HIV/AIDS Human Rights LGBTQ+ US Health Care Policy

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