The Health Law Internship Program

Are you a current law student interested in developing expertise at the intersections of health and the law? Each year, the O’Neill Institute welcomes law students from the United States and abroad to undertake eight-week, full-time paid internships. Interns gain valuable expertise and professional skills and contribute to cutting-edge work, such as comparative analysis of laws that countries have implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the COVID-19 Law Lab.

To learn about qualifications and how to apply, visit our careers page here.

Current Interns

Jorge Antonio Carreras Headshot

Jorge Antonio Carreras

Jing-Jer Chen Headshot

Jing-Jer Chen

Valentino Gariglio Headshot

Valentino Gariglio

Jacqueline Jacqueline Leite de Souza Headshot

Jacqueline Leite de Souza

Isaac Hockey headshot

Isaac Hockey

Maria Luisa Hurtado Rodriguez Headshot

Maria Luisa Hurtado Rodriguez

Sofia Loira Headshot

Sofia Loira

Jennifer Martinez Headshot

Jennifer Martinez

Rocio Headshot

Rocio Amparo Mutizabal Navarrete

Daniela Naomi Shimabukuro Nomura Headshot

Daniela Naomi Shimabukuro Nomura

Julia Winett Headshot

Julia Winett

Manqian Yao Headshot

Manqian Yao

For a list of former interns, click here.