O’Neill Post-Graduate Fellowship

Are you a law school graduate or early-career practitioner committed to applying your legal skills to advancing public and global health? Each year, the O’Neill Institute recruits outstanding candidates to serve as post-graduate fellows. During one-year, full-time fellowships, fellows contribute to O’Neill’s scholarship, capacity building, and project-based work on addiction and public policy, prevention of infectious and noncommunicable diseases, and health and human rights. Fellows gain valuable expertise and professional skills and go on to advance public and global health in international organizations, government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector.

For more information on qualifications and how to apply, visit our career page here.

Current Fellows

Our Team

Valentina Castagnari Headshot

Valentina Castagnari Associate

Yu-Wei Chen Headshot

Yu-Wei Chen Fellow

Erin Coughlin Headshot

Erin Coughlin Fellow

Mackenzie Darling Fellow

Alison Durran Headshot

Ali Durran Fellow

Madison Fields Headshot

Madison Fields Fellow

Alexandra Finch Headshot

Alexandra Finch Fellow

Shajoe Lake headshot

Shajoe J. Lake Fellow

Tendai Mafuma Headshot

Tendai Mafuma Fellow

Allan Maleche Headshot

Allan Maleche 2022 Belén Ríos Health and Human Rights Scholar

Aiseosa Osaghae Headshot

Aiseosa Osaghae Fellow

Adi Radhakrishan Headshot

Adi Radhakrishan Fellow

Agrata Sharma Headshot

Agrata Sharma Fellow

Patricio Lopez Turconi Headshot

Patricio López Turconi Fellow

For a list of former fellows, click here.