Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are a growing class of biological medicine that have been approved for several noncommunicable diseases and demonstrate great potential to effectively prevent and treat a range of infectious diseases. Yet, significant barriers to access persist — including intellectual property, regulatory barriers, and high prices.

This project engages with a wide range of stakeholders to promote policy interventions that drive down mAbs prices, increase biosimilar competition, strengthen demand, and promote research and development.

Our Work

Increasing access to mAbs can help address unmet health needs for both noncommunicable and infectious diseases around the world. We are working with civil society and a wide range of stakeholders to promote a mix of policy interventions with the potential to increase manufacturing, affordability, and innovation for mAbs.

This project works to secure the following enablers to facilitate global equitable access:

  • Removal of regulatory barriers
  • Commitments to transfer technology and know-how
  • Support for an innovative research and development agenda to simplify and optimize mAbs platforms
  • Fair policies and smart procurement practices

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Our Team