December 5, 2022

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This report is focused on how strong community leadership and better laws and policies act as positive determinants of sexual and reproductive health and rights. There is a strong evidence base on the benefits to health that result from community-led responses and better laws and policies. Improving laws and policies is particularly crucial for realizing the full potential of community-led responses in advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights. At the same time, community-led responses are an important means of reforming and reinforcing reforms in law and policy as well as realizing progress on the broader determinants and enablers of sexual and reproductive health and rights. To unlock these mechanisms for change, more and better investment in community-led responses is needed. This is because inadequate, unreliable, and overly prescriptive funding poses a barrier to the high-quality and high-ownership community-leadership required in the responses to our world’s sexual and reproductive health challenges.

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