We are now accepting submissions for the 2024 Student Writing Competition. The deadline is September 30, 2024.

About the Competition

The Global Center for Legal Innovation on Food Environments’ Student Writing Competition fosters research and scholarship around healthy food law and policy issues — particularly the prevention and control of diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

We are pleased to announce the topic of the 2024 competition: “Food Environments and the Law.” Eligible applicants should explore their paper topic as it relates to one or more areas of the law (including but not limited to international human rights law, constitutional law, and legal human rights frameworks) and are encouraged to think creatively about legal concepts and theories. 

The Global Center Student Writing Competition is designed to stimulate research and conversation around emerging issues in food law and policy, examining how the law can play an important role in improving food environments to prevent diet-related NCDs.

We welcome submissions on the following topics, including:

  • Front-of-package labeling
  • Fiscal measures, including taxation
  • Restrictions on unhealthy food and beverage marketing
  • Regulation of corporate social responsibility
  • Lessons learned from COVID-19 on the relationship between food environments and the law

Previous Winners and Runners-Up


Marcus Bustamante Headshot

(Winner) Marcus Bustamante University of São Paulo

Giovanna Camargo Messner Neves Headshot

(Runner-up) Giovanna Camargo Messner Neves FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School


Daniela Naomi Shimabukuro Nomura Headshot

(Winner) Daniela Naomi Shimabukuro Nomura FGV São Paulo Law School

(Runner-up) Sara Vasquez Alvarez Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

(Runner-up) Jacqueline Leite de Souza University of São Paulo


Three winners may be selected. Winners will be invited to participate in a paid two-month, full-time internship program at the O’Neill Institute in Washington, D.C. The Global Center will cover the cost of one economy single airfare to and from Washington, D.C. for the selected winner(s). 

Winning papers will be presented at Georgetown Law and may be published on the O’Neill Institute’s website.


Students currently pursuing their first law degree at law schools in Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, or Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Students engaged in projects financed by the Global Center
  • Previous/current interns or consultants at the O’Neill Institute 

Submission Guidelines

  • 4,000-7,500 words (excluding footnotes)
  • Written in English
  • Fully referenced according to a single consistent style
  • Original work, although students can incorporate feedback from academic course or supervised writing project
  • Can not have been published or submitted for publication in a journal
  • Winner required to submit evidence of enrollment at their schools

Papers will be evaluated based on thoroughness of research and analysis, relevance to current law and public policy debates, originality of thought, and clarity of expression. Plagiarism is prohibited, and any plagiarized papers will be disqualified

Cover Letter

Cover page (included in the same Word file) must include:

  • Full name of author
  • Name of law school
  • Program
  • Graduation year
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The following affirmation: “I affirm that this paper is an original work of scholarship authored by me. The paper (or any variation thereof authored by me) has not been published, or committed for publication, in any other publication. I have read and agree to the Competition Rules.”

Submitting Your Paper

Submit papers via email to: foodlegalinnovation@georgetown.edu 

Subject line: Global Center – Writing Competition

File format: Word, named “LastName_FirstName_WritingCompetition.”


Please email us at foodlegalinnovation@georgetown.edu.