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Legislators Should Think Outside the Box to Fight the Opioid Epidemic – Support of Safe Injection Sites is An Opportunity to Prevent Diseases and Overdose Deaths

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Many communities that hard being hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic are looking for innovative ways to increase efforts to reach out to PWID and reverse the exponential increases in overdose deaths, infectious disease, and substance use in their regions by operating supervised safe injection sites. The city of Philadelphia is well on its […]

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Roundup of Federal Efforts to Improve Reproductive Health in U.S.

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In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to drum up bipartisan support in the U.S. for federal legislation on various issues, including reproductive health. Yet Senators and Representatives continue to introduce, reintroduce, and sometimes even pass bills aimed at addressing unmet reproductive health needs and improving reproductive health outcomes, particularly among underserved and marginalized […]

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Privatization of Public Services and the Risks to Human Rights: Alston’s Report on the Digital Welfare State

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Last Friday, October 18th, Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, presented his report on human rights and digital welfare states to the UN General Assembly. The report, a result of Alston’s country visits to the UK, the US as well as 60 submissions from 34 countries, warns of the misuse and […]

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Vaccines and Adolescent Decision-Making: Part 3

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This post was written by Francesca Nardi, former intern at the O’Neill Institute, and Rebecca Reingold.  Other countries take various approaches to regulating the provision of childhood and adolescent vaccines, and many afford significantly greater deference to adolescents’ decision-making capacity than the U.S. Many of these approaches recognize that imposing fixed age restrictions on adolescent […]

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Quantity vs Quality: Legal Academia and Mental Health

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It’s Friday, 4pm. You are sitting at your desk, trying to cope with three different big deadlines. The clock is ticking. You can feel the pressure. You realize that you are almost done when an email pops up in your inbox requesting you to work on an additional task before the end of the day. […]

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The other confidentiality

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Attorneys’ duty of confidentiality, its limits and consequences, are often portrayed in movies, tv series, and every introductory law class. It is considered and understood as an essential guarantee for the right of every individual to a fair defense and as a major pillar of the judicial system. However, when it comes to the medical […]

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My first month as a Law Fellow at the Institute

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It has now been 3 months since I completed the Global Health Law LL.M. Program and exactly a month since I started working as a post-graduate Fellow at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law (the Institute). The program was a great foundation for all the skills one can acquire in the field […]

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Leveraging the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to Improve the Health of Older People Living with HIV

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The United States is making major progress in responding to the HIV epidemic, building on the remarkable success of effective antiretroviral therapy at promoting health among people living with HIV (PLWH). With high quality care and ongoing treatment, PLWH can live long and healthy lives, and today over half of PLWH in the United States […]

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Two Sides to Every Coin: India’s New Ban on Commercial Surrogacy

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Last week India’s lower house of Parliament passed a bill that would ban commercial surrogacy in the country. The passage of this bill has been celebrated by some, and criticized by others, as it brings India into step with a number of countries around the world that have banned commercial surrogacy. The commercial surrogacy industry […]

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Proposing an international fund for migrant and refugee health

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Few groups of people face less welcome in the world today than migrants forced from their homes, whether by conflict, persecution, violence, poverty, climate change or other environmental degradation, or hopelessness – or often, a mix of these factors. They seek basic safety, freedom, and opportunity – what all of us have a right to, yet […]

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