Journal Article


Lawrence O. Gostin Katie Gottschalk Matthew M. Kavanagh Juhwan Oh, Hwa-Young Lee, Quynh Long Khuong, Jeffrey F. Markuns, Chris Bullen, Osvaldo Enrique Artaza Barrios, Seung-sik Hwang, Young Sahng Suh, Judith McCool, S. Patrick Kachur, Chang-Chuan Chan, Soonman Kwon, Naoki Kondo, Van Minh Hoang, J. Robin Moon, Mikael Rostila, Ole F. Norheim, Myoungsoon You, Mellissa Withers, Mu Li, Eun-Jeung Lee, Caroline Benski, Sookyung Park, Eun-Woo Nam, Thi Giang Huong Tran, Jong-Koo Lee, S. V. Subramanian, Martin McKee

Mobility restrictions were associated with reductions in COVID-19 incidence early in the pandemic: evidence from a real-time evaluation in 34 countries