Our Experts

Ghida AlJuburi Headshot

Ghida AlJuburi Senior Scholar

Sean Bland Headshot

Sean Bland Senior Associate

Oscar Cabrera Headshot

Oscar A. Cabrera Director

Eric Friedman Headshot

Eric A. Friedman Global Health Justice Scholar

Lawrence Gostin Headshot

Lawrence O. Gostin Faculty Director

Anand Grover Headshot

Anand Grover Senior Scholar

Bette Jacobs Headshot

Bette Jacobs Senior Scholar

Bernhard Liese Headshot

Bernhard Liese Senior Scholar

Emily Parento Headshot

Emily Parento Scholar

Rebecca Reingold Headshot

Rebecca Reingold Associate Director

Arnold Rosoff Headshot

Arnold Rosoff Senior Scholar


Healthy Families

Studying the nexus of health and international human rights law, focusing on strategic litigation and technical assistance, especially in Latin America.

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