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Our Team

Lawrence O. Gostin, Faculty Director; University Professor; Founding O’Neill Chair in Global Health Law; Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Center on National & Global Health Law

Katie Gottschalk, Executive Director; Visiting Professor of Law

Addiction and Public Policy Initiative

Regina LaBelle, Director; Distinguished Scholar (On Leave)

Shelly Weizman, Acting Director; Adjunct Professor of Law

Taleed El-Sabawi, Scholar

Center for Innovation in Global Health

Charles Holmes, Director; Distinguished Scholar

Sara Allinder, Associate Director

Anna Carter, Associate Director

Debi Hoege, Program Manager

Stephen Sealy, Finance Manager

Global Health Policy & Politics Initiative

Matthew M. Kavanagh, Director; Visiting Professor of Law; Assistant Professor of Global Health

Mara Pillinger, Senior Associate

Laura Norato, Associate

Ngozi Erondu, Senior Scholar

Sharonann Lynch, Senior Scholar

Keletso Makofane, Scholar

Sunny Light, Program Coordinator

Global Health Law LL.M. Program and Capacity Building Initiative

Sarah Roache, Director; Visiting Professor of Law

Jennifer Alexander, Operations Manager

Healthy Families Initiative

Oscar A. Cabrera, Director; Visiting Professor of Law

Rebecca B. Reingold, Associate Director

Silvia Serrano Guzmán, Associate Director, Adjunct Professor of Law

Isabel Barbosa, Associate; Adjunct Professor of Law

Margherita Cinà, Associate

Andrés Constantin, Associate; Adjunct Professor of Law

Ivonne Garza, Associate

Margherita Melillo, Associate

Fernanda Rodríguez-Pliego, Associate

María Belén Saavedra, Associate

Sarah Wetter, Associate

Gretzel Brozovich, Consultant

Belén Rios, Consultant

Ariadna Tovar Ramirez, Consultant

Nick Townsend, Program Coordinator

Infectious Diseases Initiative

Jeffrey S. Crowley, Director, Distinguished Scholar

Sonia L. Canzater, Associate Director

Sean Bland, Senior Associate

International Development Law Initiative

Susan Pascocello, Distinguished Development Diplomat in Residence; Visiting Professor of Law

Institute Legal Staff

Sam Halabi, Senior Scholar, Center for Transformational Health Law

Eric A. Friedman, Global Health Justice Scholar

Katherine Ginsbach, Associate, Center for Transformational Health Law

Alexandra Finch, Fellow

Shajoe J. Lake, Fellow

Landon Myers, Fellow

Francesca Nardi, Fellow

Anastasia Vernikou, Fellow

Heidi Weimer, Fellow

Kashish Aneja, Consultant

Institute Administrative Staff

Lauren Dueck, Director of Strategic Communications

Ellen Suryadi, Director of Financial Operations

Kimberly Martin, Financial Coordinator

Cynthia Sun, Communications and Events Coordinator

Starr Roberson, Program Coordinator


Our affiliates are nationally and internationally recognized policymakers and scholars who help shape and support the important work of the O’Neill Institute.

Former Staff