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Zachary Baron headshot

Zachary L. Baron Director

Cybele Bjorklund Headshot

Cybele Bjorklund Scholar

Sheila Burke Headshot

Sheila Burke Senior Scholar

Sonia Canzater Headshot

Sonia L. Canzater Associate Director

Jeff Crowley Headshot

Jeffrey S. Crowley Director

Jesse Goodman Headshot

Jesse Goodman Senior Scholar

Lawrence Gostin Headshot

Lawrence O. Gostin Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law; Faculty Director, O'Neill Institute

Nan Hunter Headshot

Nan Hunter Senior Scholar

Bette Jacobs Headshot

Bette Jacobs Senior Scholar

Peter Jacobson Headshot

Peter Jacobson Senior Scholar

Katie Keith Headshot

Katie Keith (On Leave)

Susan Kim Headshot

Susan C. Kim Scholar

Regina Labelle Headshot

Regina LaBelle Director

Eric Lindblom Headshot

Eric Lindblom Senior Scholar

John Monahan Headshot

John Monahan Senior Scholar

Sheela Ranganathan Headshot

Sheela Ranganathan Associate

Arnold Rosoff Headshot

Arnold Rosoff Senior Scholar

S. Sean Tu Headshot

S. Sean Tu Scholar

Andrew Twinamatsiko Headshot

Andrew J. Twinamatsiko Director

David Vladeck Headshot

David C. Vladeck Senior Scholar

Louis Weiner Headshot

Louis M. Weiner Senior Scholar

Shelly Weizman's headshot

Shelly Weizman Associate Director

Timothy Westmoreland Headshot

Timothy Westmoreland Senior Scholar


Addiction and Public Policy

Advancing a public health approach to substance use disorders and the overdose epidemic through legal and policy strategies that promote evidence-based treatment and support recovery.

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Infectious Diseases

Building robust and equitable legal, regulatory, and policy responses to the epidemics of HIV and hepatitis in the United States.

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HIV Prevention Policy Project

Engaging with people living with HIV, researchers, and federal, state, and local policymakers to understand and advance effective HIV prevention in the United States.

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HIV Policy Project

Working to maintain and bolster the U.S. response to the domestic HIV epidemic, including efforts to sustain, advance, and adapt the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

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